Summary The US economy will pay for years of cheap money and a low exchange rate. This has created an unsustainable asset bubble. Economic activity will drop as European and Chinese economies stumble. Low volatility and technical indicators point to a market nearing the top. There is no shortage of articles predicting a correction or […]

You can see my analysis on the AUD/USD here.  

I think there is room for small speculative sell on the NZDUSD. Considering the pair is near historical highs plus a CCI falling back to within the channel plus MACD plateauing, I think a sell is valid despite MA and fundamentals propping up the price. We may see profit takers come in once the NZ […]

      By looking at the CCI and Stochastic RSI and combining them with cyclical up and down movements of the price, we might start to imagine the price falling back to about $100 a barrel. In order for this to happen, we would need to see a slight improvement in the geopolitical arena […]

A Flightless Bird Took Off This Year But Will It Stay Airborne?   Summary Why all the interest in the kiwi? The current drivers and downside risks of the NZD. The historically overvalued kiwi sets the stage for a fall below the support of NZDUSD 0.85. The “kiwi.” The New Zealand dollar is often ranked […]

and when should we go long to take advantage of a reversal. Please follow this link to see my analysis of the EUR/USD price.

Bargain hunting for silvery opportunities is a profitable idea I’ve been holding off writing about silver because I’ve been told over and over again by market analysts that we should see it fall $18 per ounce, yet it continuously keeps on bouncing off a support level between $18.2 and $19. As a disclaimer, I should […]

A possible long opportunity is coming up for the AUD/USD. We would just need a little more movement upwards for me to jump in and say BUY with conviction. All the indicator signals are aligning to produce a message that says the market is ready to shoot up. Signals: Price bouncing off Linear regression. Price […]

April Forex Roundup The forex market in April was characterised by an unusually low level of volatility. Some pairs traded between tight ranges not seen since the late 1990s. A 50 pip range for currencies such as the USD/CAD  persisted for several weeks and it was not until the last few days of the month […]

  We have resistance at 105 and upward sloping support. This converging levels will pinch the price and we should expect a spike up or down in the upcoming day or so. CCI shows overbought status and dropping into equilibrium. This is a sell signal.I have a bias for taking a sell position due to […]


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